Colorado-based photographer, father, and musician, Darrell Maxwell, uses the camera lens to create unique photography that showcases contrast, color, and composition to take the viewer right to the source.

Images that submerge the viewer in the smell, taste, and texture of the landscape. Colors that demonstrate that the world we live in is truly one of a kind. “I love contrast, dark, colorful imagery, that takes the breath away”. Working for many artists throughout his life in many different mediums (bronze, clay, steel, film) he uses life experience and passion to create art that inspires both himself as well as others. His motto is “I am inspired, and I hope to inspire”. When asked what motivates him to create, he states “I try to return the viewer to their favorite place, or take them to places they might never get to see.”

Never one to “follow the rules” he looks for things that reach out and grab him without the classical rules of traditional art and photography. If it feels good…it is good. Darrell’s art has been featured in the Pikes Peak Library District’s Sand Creek Library and Ruth Holley Library in Colorado Springs. His bird photography has been featured in birding calendars. His work has also been exhibited on Loupe TV. He is a featured Loupe artist and is on many streaming networks around the world including XUMO, Apple TV, Android TV, Xfinity X1 as well as Loupe Art. In the future, he hopes to bring photography from around the world to those who can’t get out and experience it themselves. In the short time he has been exhibiting it’s easy to see he has an eye for breathtaking and awe-inspiring art that ensures the viewer a stellar visual experience! “Join me as I continue to grow and capture the world with my camera!”